Vignette Photos with CSS3 Gradients

After reading Chris Coyier's A Journey with Vignetting post and Trent Walton's CSS Box-Shadow:Inset post, I wanted to see what I could come up with. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and wanted to share it with you.

I ended up with a few different approaches. I like the look of the Overlay vignette & Inset Shadow Method the best, but it requires a lot more out of the browser to render the heavy inset shadow.

The last approach I tried uses -webkit-mask-box-image on the image along with a black background color on the parent element. This is the cleanest method I could come up with, but it only works in Webkit. It appears a similar approach is possible in Firefox 3.5+ using a SVG + CSS combo, but I need to look into it a bit further.


Overlay CSS Gradient Vignette Method

Overlay Inset Box Shadow + CSS Gradient Vignette Method

Mask CSS Gradient Vignette Method for Webkit Only

While creating these versions I came across a rather large issue with how Mozilla & Webkit differ in sizing radial gradients. It appears that radial gradients in Mozilla will scale to the dimensions of it's containing element while webkit gradients are a fixed size. This means in webkit you should always know the size of your image. Using -webkit-background-size didn't help either. :( I hope this is just a bug and not how it's intended to function.

Check out the source of this page to see how I put it together. Feel free to share this and use it on your projects however you like.

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